Free Monthly Household

Poverty can drive people to resort to unlawful and immoral means. This is the harsh reality of life. Some families live on hand to mouth basis; some can barely make ends meet. Such families are identified, registered and adopted by Athrout.


The entire Monthly Household Expenses including monetary relief, food and food related items, cleaning/hygiene utilities and other basic essentials are provided to the adopted family while maintaining the quality of the essentials provided to them. Athrout strives with the aim to help people to meet their basic needs and hence ease some of their burden.

With the onset of winter, Winter Kits are also provided to the adopted families which include blankets, kangris, sweaters, caps, woollen thermals, rechargeable lights, rubber water bottles etc. to help the families combat the severe cold.


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imtiyaz athrout-feedback

To rate Athrout is impossible because they are doing Something that only Allah can reward them in jannah. My wish and my prayers are always with Athrout and Kashmir

| Imtiyaz Ahmad

imtiyaz athrout-feedback

I have personally witnessed humble and noble work of #TeamAthrout May Lord accept your endeavour.

| Dr Nasir Nabi

imtiyaz athrout-feedback

This is best NGO in Kashmir.they have done greater job. Particular in last years davestated floods. Well done

| Haroon Syed

imtiyaz athrout-feedback

One of the best NGO's operating in Kashmir for the development of underprivileged section of our society

| Monis Zafar

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  • A year at Athrout

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